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Sugung-ga: The Other Side of The World 

Director, Puppet Maker

Sugung-ga: The Other Side of The World 

Theatre Moksung fuses international influences with traditional Korean artforms in this charming puppetry and pansori/storytelling performance, perfect for audiences of all ages.

Introducing a version of the classic tortoise and the hare fable into this wonderfully creative setting, Sugung-ga tells the story of two animals from different walks of life – and the misunderstandings that arise from their encounter.

Pansori performer Eunsil Noh and cellist Jan Pech combine the exquisite puppet and object work of master artist Suho Moon with theatrical imagination and non-traditional instruments. Performed in English (with Korean expressions), their innovative staging is intimate, richly emotive and a sheer delight.

++Suitable for all ages

Among Korea’s oral traditions, pansori (판소리) is a genre of musical storytelling that dates back to the 17th century, and is highlighted by narrative singing of epic stories and folklore drama.


★★★★ “Incredibly charming... It’s witty, gently entertaining and a joy to hear a traditional storytelling well told.” — Voice Magazine

“A captivating show... a joyous, inventive watch.” — Theatre Full Stop

“Masterful storytelling... Delightful.” — Theatre Board

"Skilful, satirical, subtle and refined puppetry with a sophisticated live cello soundtrack" — Theatreview NZ

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