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Object Artisti, Puppet Maker, Director, Unima Czech republic Director of the Republic of Korea

Moon Suho is an artist who creates spaces through objects.

Starting with stage art and majoring in theatre in the Czech Republic, he has established his own working identity and expanded his world view by experimenting with various media such as performance, video, art and music based on everyday motifs. 

The artist's firm answer that he hopes to be a person who can make a small difference to someone's day shows his attitude to art. He uses all the situations he encounters in his daily life as material for his works, and with a theatrical imagination he presents people with a view of the world through objects.



KNUA (Korea National University of Art)  Scenografie  B.A

DAMU(Academy of Performing Art in Prague)

Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre Scenografie   B.A,  Mg.A


2007 Award of Prague Quadrennial  UNESCO  PRIZE

2014 Choice of the Year's autor UNIMA festival 

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